Tuesday, January 10, 2017

New Atlantis Video


  1. CoBra in final phase?

    Also the change of using energy grind cannot happen in instant in our perception of time, Thats why lowering energy in old Cabal grind are going to diminish and we who are accustomed to them feel less energetic then before also because the NEW ATLANTIS GRIND isnt fully operational. Its can be a false feeling that nothing is happening right now because we cannot feel energy of the old and new grind and those energy are lower the usual.

  2. Cobra just say its good and going better direction

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    1. I was on the fence for a long time as well. He did not portray what you stated. He stated that there are positive factions (lodges) within the Masonic Order. Shift your perspective for a moment, if you believe there are people in the world perpetrating great evil against humanity, can there not be a counterpart that is working for the betterment of humanity?

    2. My father was a mason in a old town we live, i grow up seeing they doing great things to their families and the community as a hole. They live a altruistic life, everyone share this kind way of helping eachother, they share very good intentions.

      I think the hole ideia of Masons are benevolent, but in some way it has been infiltratted by cabal and get corrupted persons a long the way.

      Some of them still fight the good fight.

      Some just crumble to their ego and get positions inside to control actions.

      My father is a way good person, a true light worker without knowing he is one, so as the group he has part of. Isee great things coming from them to the community it's self.

      Mans like those do not work for evil.

      As every secret group of that time, it's get infiltratted by evil cabal..

      That's what happens.

  4. I have been reader and practicing some Toltec principal and knowledge in my daily life. Last night I was reading a posing on a website of Toltec Knowledge. It was about New Atlantis and the the obstacles that we have to overcome in our daily lives from living the lie that we have reinforced with our inner dialogue every day since tour birth. Thank you for this Cobra.

  5. Thanks for video! But...


    [Cobra, Cobra...]

  6. Also was on 8th a timeline shift it was felt by many people?

  7. What's the point in making a video about a week old, written article?

    1. What's the point of complaining about a video about a week old written article?

      The point is that the intel was not held back a week ago until the video was produced. Beautiful videos like that DO take time and energy to produce. So I, personally, appreciate that we get the intel ASAP and then if the info will flow easier with the help of videos to help people better grasp the reality of what is coming then so be it.

      I think the videos help us VISUALIZE what is coming so that we can MATERIALIZE that VISION into our PRESENT reality.

      But your mileage may vary.


  8. Nice.

    I always had a certain connection with foxes of gaia. I don't know why. Are foxes from this planet?

    Also, can you please focus on more "before the event" intel, rather then "after the event"? Like, it's really frustrating to not know how close are we from the liberation, and only get intel about what happens after it, not what should happen before (a change that every human should be able to see) the event... I got my patience cobra, i know you can't release much of it, but atleast a tiny tiny bit of information is always better than nothing.

    Victory of the light

    1. Foxes are canines, who are off-shoots of felines, whom I always heard were from Sirius B and Lyra before that, but Simon Parkes says some felinoids-Caninoids are Orion- could be true I suppose, and he makes an interesting point that cats are the only mammal with reptilian eyes.... hmmm...
      Here's a new website:
      I kind of like it so far, see what you think...

  9. This is our future world.thanks for good news.

  10. Nice job, Fabrice Sirius!
    Thank you for having also made a French version for Prepare For Change France whose most of the members (80%...?) can't speak English and neeed systematically to have a translation.
    PFC France translates each Cobra's report and interview. But with videos, your help is really necessary.
    So, thank you.

  11. Keshe Health Pens on The Promise Revealed!!!

    Plasma is real folks. I don't know why it's taken so long for people to make working devices like this, but they're incredible. It feels like cool liquid and tingles going INTO your body, there's nothing else like it. Claims of pain relief and emotional healing within minutes are true, I didn't believe it at first either. Talk of placebo is ridiculous, this is a physical force that can be felt by skeptics alike. My brother is one such person who thought I was having a mental breakdown, I kid you not, rather than believe Keshe was real. Well he's a believer now, like every single person who comes in contact with it. I take them around town and zap people like cashiers. With stronger devices like Gans Reactors (spinning ball) people feeling it will jerk their hands away and are hesitant to put them back. (Even though it feels AMAZING!) You can't make this stuff up.

    For $30 - $40 depending on size, it's insane not to buy one. You have to understand.


    Look at that, The Promise Revealed Keshe device. I think things are about to happen.

    1. If you want the plasma pens in Europe you can order them on www.ksgnl.nl I have made them and gave away 95 to people who had all sorts of pain, it works!
      Now I know and can teach how to make them and set up the Keshe Support Group, This makes it a lot cheaper for people in Europe than to order them in India, also take a look at the other Keshe inventions, he gives everything so you all can make it yourself! I build all kind of his technology and I am proud to say it works. If I can find an income(work) again then I am going to try to teach as many people I can find how to build it! VICTORY OF THE LIGHT

    2. That's super exciting Janette!

    3. Yeah, it really is! But it is mind-puzzling... if i show working devices to people they still won't believe .. It appears that they do not want to think about it and try to avoid it! I will never understand people but all the same, keep trying?


  12. One more time

    The Official Anthem of Gaia and ALL Of HUMANTY:
    You're THE VOICE - try and Understand It
    Make A Noise, Make it CLEAR!!!
    WE're NOT gonna sit in Silence
    WE're NOT gonna LIVE WITH FEAR!!!

    From The GRAND FINAL at the MCG in front of 90.000+ paople



    1. THE VOICE my fav of all time. it gives me chills everytime i hear it.

  13. I must admit, any talk of free masons and I see red flags, but I realize many of our founding fathers were masons. Like most groups, they were infiltrated I assume. Many are worried about a major event before inaugaration day, any thoughts?

    1. I know what you mean, it is mind-blowing to have to try to understand the dynamics of infiltration after we have learned such contradictory information that we trusted in an environment where we trusted so little. But I think it boils down to, as you said, the infiltration of groups who once had intentions to serve humanity and use their positions for good. The groups were a threat to their domination intentions so that's why they were infiltrated to begin with. Look at UN and recent resolution condemning Israeli settlements. I think there has been a battle within the UN all along but you wouldn't have known that for a while there, they were so Cabal controlled it seemed.


  14. I know it's a dream I'm willing to defend!
    And I know it will ALL BE WORTH IT in the end!

    Heaven Is A Place On Earth

    Und jetzt wird's hier hell, yeah!

    Love, Light, Unity, Peace and Freedom for All


  15. Love you all!


  16. Awesonme video especially the opening.
    May the LOVE be with you always!

  17. Dear Resistance Movement and Light Forces; Dear Cobra;

    January 10, 2017
    Hi, my name is Karin Lacy; I'm a member of the Ground Crew.
    In March of 2016 I wrote a Feedback Letter to the Subterranean Resistance Movement in which I offered my service as a volunteer, in whatever means possible, from then on until The Event, and thereafter. The feedback letter can be read here:
    However, I didn't get a response.

    My major experience of last year was my love story with a man that was arranged and directed through archon intervention. After seven months the affair abruptly ended in a traumatic way.
    “My Alien Love Bite Story, A Treatise”

    Dear Resistance Movement and Light Forces, I am asking you to intervene on my behalf as a member of the Ground Crew.
    Please eliminate all archon implants, physical and etheric, from my system.
    Please also remove and revoke any possible curses that may cause a setback in my ascension process.
    Please remove any dark force technology from my system, from all dimensions that affect me.
    Please assist in freeing me from any present mind control method that I am not aware of.
    It is my desire to increase my potential of assistance to my brothers and sisters.

    I work with a Cintamani stone which the generous Nova Biscotti gifted me with.

    As Cobra announced for the year ahead - Let there be Light!

    May this be the Year!
    In service, Karin Lacy

    1. Karin, thanks for sharing this. I am in much the same situation and needing the same kind of assistance. ALB is a personal hell of sorts, it is one of the most invasive and violating and traumatic things the Dark has done to some of us. It has been the thorn in my side vis-a-vis healing for sure. I know it sounds lame like an excuse but I believe I'd be so much better by now if it were not for that particular intervention- it was happening 40 yrs ago but I didnt put the pieces together until 2 yrs ago. I know it must be what I "agreed to" (the risk of it at least) so to envision awakening without it is just fantasy. Yet it still drags me down and I often wish it had never happened, it is a very impossible situation in my case. May the Light and the Collective help us both heal and release all this.

    2. Dakini Here, thanks for your message. If you are interested in sharing your story, please email me at karinlacy@gmail.com. Love, Karin


  18. A Message to Lightworkers – January 10, 2016
    by Caroline Oceana Ryan

  19. Cobra, North America was Hyperborea ?

  20. Hmm, not really sure what to think about this "New Atlantis" stuff. I've heard that term used in a negative sense, as in the Cabal claiming their "New World Order" as such, with "New Atlantis" being their revival from the ashes; very much like the phoenix (a frequently used Cabal symbol).

    But I suppose it could be both, meaning different things for positive & negative factions. I do remember Cobra saying something about the "New World Order" just being the Cabal's own negative plan for The Event.

    The positive side would mean the old spiritual Atlantis, before the negative ETs invaded & infiltrated it. The Cabal would mean it's ending stages; with an agenda of trans-humanism, AI, virtual reality -- all stuff being heavily promoted right now.

    Like others in the previous post, I also have a bit of an issue with America being part of a "Divine plan". If that's the case, what about the lives of all the indigenous native Americans who were slaughtered? That doesn't seem so divine.

    But that's why I think it's important not to get too focused on the nitty gritty details of history, and all the who/what/where/when details. The focus should instead be on what we can do right now in the present to help the planet. We'll worry about learning our true history after full disclosure, once the planet is finally liberated (If we're even still interested in by then!).

    Blessings & Love to all! :-)

  21. As reincarnate Atlante I always have been aware of the new Atlantis was rising again because my grand ma told me it when I was 8 years old that laterI will return where I started, in Atlantis

  22. Beauty 😍

    Atlantis is coming 💓

  23. Does anyone here follow Sheldon Nidle? I generally find his updates interesting, although have never been happy about the apparent unconditional use of 'light chambers'. At the UK cobra conference not long back, it was indicated that what I think were shown as healing chambers would be available. Confidence in the Sheldon's '3 days in your Light chamber' would have to be good with trust, whatever, knowing the scams we currently have. Sheldon seems a little light weight on the implied 'freedom of choice' in the coming times, also. Sheldon link: (10th jan 2017) http://www.paoweb.com/sn011017.htm

  24. The goldfish report 68 Kent Dunn claims he is Pleiadian is this true cobra do you know anything about him, in report 68 he gives some good Intel for anyone who's intrested go check it out on YouTube I'd post the link but don't know how lol.

    1. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChvSV5n9uxzu3GuGA-WCWJw

  25. Everyone please, send love to Lithuania and the baltic states! US, NATO, GB, are sending troops here, preparing for war aginst russia. Cobra, RM, factions of light, please, do whatever you can to protect Lithuania, to protect us from war, don't sit there just watching what the archons do, take action for yourselves! I was killed in the holocaust my past life, i don't want to die the same way again ;(

    1. I'm imaging a white light of protection for you and the Baltic States with lots of love....as I'm sure the other Light Workers here will do also.

    2. This gave me chills, I will send light energy there for you xx

    3. Thank you , I will remember you and the region in my prayers.

    4. I imagine vortex of light on Lithuania and Baltic States.
      May peace prevail on Lithuania and Baltic States.

  26. Dear Cobra and Beings behind the Shattering this prison reality.
    Much love to you .
    I look forward to being here in this final journey with you all.

  27. I can't watch any of this anymore. with all white faces - past, present, and future - whomever made this film and is bringing this information through - is clearly not connected to a holistic truth. what this film portrays is an all white society and it is presented as if no other races exist - especially not in leadership. Please broaden your awareness.

    1. i think we see what we want to see when watching these videos... for example i did not pay attention if more than one race was represented on the video... perhaps because race is not an issue for me... is irrelevent.

      the way i see it... the author(s) tried to create an animation based on the written information... he or they got images or video clips from whatever was publicly available to suit the information.

      i feel our level of criticism for perfectionism should be toned down unless of course they/he is creating an actual documentary which would be fair to at least be as factual in all levels as possible.

    2. Stop thinking in terms of race & start thinking in spiritual terms where we are all one regardless of the 3D representation. We are all included. There is no separation. The idea that we are different because of our skin color is a defunct construct that soon will no longer exist. Your judgement can only delay your liberation. Victory of the Light. I love you no matter who you are or what skin you may currently wear ~peace

    3. AquarianEye, Remember, we're all a part of The One....and have probably played roles in past lives as different ethnicities. Source is everyone, not color coded. You are just as loved as everyone else!

    4. Please don't play the race card here. We are all one and equal.

    5. comments like "stop thinking in terms of race" and "race is not an issue to me" or "skin clor is a defunct construct that will soon no longer exist" are a luxury that only white people can take and they can only be said when the true reality of the makeup and realities of this planet and peoples are not seen. the real judgment is making a film of the future filled only with white people, not in pointing it out.

    6. Maybe you could pick up your own pencil and crayons and do your OWN version of the video. NO ONE is stopping you except yourself.

      Instead of thinking that you're a paying customer who is entitled to be an art director for said video DO the changes you want to see in this world.

      The video was GIFTED to us to watch and enjoy for free.

      I wholeheartedly agree with Master D when he says
      "The idea that we are different because of our skin color is a defunct construct that soon will no longer exist."

      That is so well said!

    7. @ Aquarian Eye, I just rewatched the video all 6 min and 53 seconds worth of it.
      At the beginning I just saw flying whales or something. I couldn't see riders very clearly at all.

      And as to the colors of the people depicted throughout the bulk of the video. Well here's a newsflash. Those were pictures of HISTORICAL figures. So it would be nice if images of historical figures are as accurate as possible. The video is depicting what was said in the article. The article was describing what has happened in a SLIVER of history.

      Did anyone ANYWHERE say specifically that this SLIVER of history represents the whole? NO. Please don't pretend that it does. There is no way on earth that a 6 min video could possibly cover ALL of millions or even thousands of years of history. If you make assumptions that this represents a whole of the history of humankind -- those assumptions are on you. Don't assume that any of the rest of us are making YOUR assumptions please.

      I saw maybe three images tops maybe from the same artist/collection where the people in the "Futuristic" scene could be Asian and/or white, they were really so tiny they were not at all the focus of the pictures. So my sense is that you're picking nits.

      Please stop inventing division where there is none. It's so much easier to criticize other people's artwork. It takes SO MUCH more energy to do your own historic (and historically accurate) research and then create a video to explain that research. If it is so important to you then clearly this is your mission -- go do it."Quit yer gripin' " Don't tell other artists how to do THEIR art.

      I will never have your experience EVER. Why should I or any other artist draw or animate YOUR experience? We can all draw. Drawing well takes time and dedication but it can be done. Pick up a good book like Mark Kistler's Draw squad to teach you how to draw. Or Drawing with Children by Mona Brooks. Search youtube for drawing videos.

      In the States, we'll soon be celebrating Martin Luther King's birthday and I really get sad that people remember him for being black instead of remembering him for being wise and for being a LEADER. I really wish people would remember the essence of his message that I saw which was:

      "I look to a day when people will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character."
      (Read more at: https://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/quotes/m/martinluth297516.html)

      From my perspective, based on your whine above, you missed that vital quotation in your studies of great people of the world.

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  29. Well that confirms my dream I had on the 19th of Dec where I seen the planet earth with a wave of energy coming into contact and I saw earth as a whole and three symbols one representing new Jerusalem another symbols representing the occult and the other representing new England but was invisible? Right before these images I had seen myself with a like play station remote and I had created an angel archetype but she was communicating with a force I couldn't hear but I new it wasn't good so I changed codes on her and then I knew she would not know anymore then my dream went on to the wave and symbols on earth. Was amazing thank u all light warriors and workers of light love and light


  30. Beautiful GaiaPortal UpDate from earlier today:

    "New Beginnings commence throughout the Gaia-supporting Cosmos.

    Heaven sents make themselves visible to all.

    hu-being eyes become fully opened.

    The Light cleanses the toxics.

    REALizations bear fruit."

    ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

    Xavier Rudd - Yandi

    Love, Light, Unity, Peace and Freedom for All


  31. My eyes are all better now. If it was some kind of attack and the RM help me I would like to gives thanks for that. It did strike me that the symptoms started to decline after the weekly meditations. Well whatever the reason I'm happy to be better now.
    Liked the flying fish in the video. Looking forward to the New Atlantis. :)

    1. That's brilliant news! Glad you are better. I've been checking impatiently for an update, lol. Really pleased for you. :)xx

    2. Thanks Kate ... I figured I'd comment on the new update since some were complaining about the number of posts getting to large.

  32. Dandridge9 January 10, 2017 at 12:52 PM

    Found it on the prepare for change November Cobra interview at this link: http://prepareforchange.net/2016/11/16/cobra-prepare-for-change-november-interview/

    "Richard – Cobra, is “dark matter” zero-point potentiality that has not manifested physically in the current universe?

    COBRA – Actually dark matter is special form of matter which is located between the plasma and the physical plane. It is simply another particle which does not interact strongly with regular matter and is actually necessary for manifestation for I would say plasma and etheric substance into the physical plane. (thank you)"

    That's it! Definitely qualifies as a separate plane of existence. Hope Source has got THAT covered or else it would be another round of beastly tales from Cobra!

    1. time missionary: Is there ANYTHING whatsoever possible for "Source" NOT to have "covered?" Source is ALL THAT THERE IS. Period.

  33. जय मा pranans e prema 💕💓

  34. From Simon Parkes: Monday 9th January 2017
    North Pole Earthquake
    Earthquake at North Pole measures 5.8 at a depth of around 15 miles - there are no known fault lines in this location but there is (or was) an underground base.

    Thursday 12th January 2017
    Second earthquake at the North Pole, 100 Miles north of the first one.

  35. I found this August 2014 Graham Hancock comment on ISIL's attack on thYadzidis very revealing, educational, and well articulated:

    "What the militant Islamic death cult that calls itself "ISIS" is threatening the minority Yazidis of Iraq with is a moral outrage -- horrible, disgusting and utterly wrong: http://read.bi/1kLpgrv. See also here: http://bit.ly/1qYFYpZ . The Yazidis practise an ancient dualistic form of spirituality with links to Zoroastrianism and Gnosticism. Though they are by no means perfect -- who is? -- they are believers in reincarnation (which they describe as the soul "changing its clothes") and keep alive in the modern world the flame of an ancient mystery. It is utterly appalling and tragic that they should be left without protection in Iraq. Just as many in the West have spoken out in support of the Palestinians of Gaza and protested the persecution that has been inflicted upon them by the State of Israel, so too we cannot simply stand by silent while the Yazidi minority faces genocide at the hands of fanatical Islamists.

    Let me, while saying this, make my position clear regarding that monstrous entity that Christians, Muslims and Jews all call "God" -- the entity variously known as Yahweh, Jehovah, Allah and other names, who was the god of Abraham and whose worship has filtered down to give shape to the three powerful and closely related monotheistic faiths that we call Christianity, Judaism and Islam today. This entity, whether he is in some sense real or whether he is merely a projection of the imaginations of those who worship "Him" has been responsible down the ages for unbelievable amounts of horror and bloodshed -- e.g. the Jewish conquest of "the Promised Land" (which still continues today in the form of illegal Israeli settlements that are justified in the minds of many by the notion that "God" "gave" all of this land to the Jews, regardless of who has actually been living on it for the past two thousand years); e.g. Christian persecution and Holy Wars (such as the Crusades) against other forms of spirituality, not to speak of the horrific practice of burning heretics and witches at the stake which Christianity was so addicted to until as late as the eighteenth century. It is noteworthy that the chaos in Iraq today stems directly from the destabilisation that followed the 2003 invasion by Western powers. President George W. Bush spoke of this invasion more than once as a "Crusade", and Britain's then prime minister Tony Blair also saw the sending of British troops to Iraq as part of a "Christian battle" (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/religion/5373525/Tony-Blair-believed-God-wanted-him-to-go-to-war-to-fight-evil-claims-his-mentor.html).
    and e.g. the hideous practice of stoning women to death for adultery, and all the other grotesque abuses of humanity and acts of vile cruelty and intolerance carried out by "ISIS" in the name of Islam...."

  36. ......."(http://america.aljazeera.com/articles/2014/7/18/islamic-state-stoning.html).

    The Gnostics, whose spiritual system finds some faint reflections amongst the persecuted Yazidis, saw the god of Abraham, worshiped today by Islamists, Christians and Jews, as the "demiurge" -- not a true god at all but a murderous, puffed up, egotistical, jealous, cruel, bullying, arrogant minor supernatural who sought always to crush the divine spark in humanity and prevent us from ever awakening to our true spiritual identity. Evidently the demiurge is still as active as he ever was. It is ironic that fanatical Islamists who bully and murder in his name have adopted the acronym ISIS, which stands for "The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria" (or, variously, the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham, or the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant). The irony in this -- and the travesty -- arises because the goddess Isis was one of the great aeons of the ancient Egyptian pantheon, the friend of slaves, sinners, artisans and the downtrodden, the ideal mother and wife, and the patroness of children, nature and magic.

    If humanity is to progress, if we are to find ourselves again, if we are to remember that we are all sisters and brothers, if we are to recognise the spark of true divinity within ourselves, then now more than ever before it is essential that we get "god" out of the equation and leave far behind us the demiurge and his archons -- those evil angels envisaged in the gnostic cosmology as disguising themselves as men and mingling with us, driving us to all manner of crimes hostile to the nature of the soul."

  37. Very interesting Cobra, the great paradoxical split of New Atlantis and New Rome. The choice for all humanity to move into a utopian or dystopian frequency.

    I have spoken to many whom share this this vision, this expectation and inevitability. It is written throughout many revelations and great works.

    One whom is well known in the spiritual community, and probably one of the most passionate of people I know is Jordan "Patchman" Pearce, from Spirit Science.

    He understands what I have said about this vision, I feel that through our conversations we invisioned this future... I feel that this video he made at the time speaks better than words..


    The New Atlantis and The New Rome are choices of a positive and negative timeline, a cycle split where we either rise or fall in frequency.

    But not only is it a spiritual future,a physical mindset which drives reality as well. Raising perspective and actions, the consciousness, and it's external effects. The choice is ours to make...

    ...and that choice is coming soon

  38. Event Log
    I tripped on a step while ascending Jacob's Ladder today. I much prefer to trip on the ascending steps than to tumble on the descending ones. Although I'm quite confident and secure in the >>fact<< that the nets are in place if I do. But if I do, it won't be because I'm dancing in risqué costume on a stage with aliens.

    >>Don't call me Madonna and don't call me Lady GaGa<< EVER!!!

    I am Lady Nada


  39. http://www.anonews.co/us-military-ww3/

  40. Thank you for the video and for the written intel last week. I REALLY appreciate you keeping us updated.
    I already got my extra Cintamani stones ready to go plant in the very near future.

  41. Cobra, but what more about the 70 billion non-incarnated human souls who are awaiting to incarnate on Earth when they consider they have proper conditions?

    Are you not somehow going with your 'New Atlantis' to create the appropriate condition for them to incarnate?
    Who are these souls who are privileged to incarnate only when the conditions on Earth are proper for them?

    Are you not somehow going to put us on the rack to liberate the planet on our expense but for their leisure, are idlying planes?

    1. But how do they afford for themselves, but on our expense, to await in idly laziness (on the higher planes) the planetary liberation and the build of 'New Atlantis' so that they will come (and incarnate) when all is ready and will benefit from the work and expense of others?
      But who do these think they are?

      It's right scandalous!...

    2. Cobra, we (a few. so to say) are filthfully enough to prepare things for others (70 billions), and on our expense, due to an alleged mission we might have, while others (they) are outlaughing us from the astral plane how we carry 'our mission' for them...

      It's an absolutely injustice!!...

    3. ... and with what a right they are traveled to Plejades while we are told that we are veiled and hostages on this miserable 'prison planet' while they are leisuring to Plejades, and are not veiled and nor are they hostages, but awaiting the proper condition to incarnate on Earth, on our work and expense.

      How do they afford themselves something else??

    4. And Cobra, how were they privileged to escape to be forced to incarnate with no choice, in unpropper condition, and were not veiled, and were not told that trere is much work to be done for their liberation, and, year by year to be told they have to push a bit longer, and to carry their mission???...

      Who are these cohort (10 times of us) of unworthy privileged??...

  42. Cobra,
    Since you and many others say that the democrats and republicans are really working for the same side, isn't it within logic to make the claim that the dark and the light are working for the same side as well, possibly called dark vs false light? As above so below is a term that both sides use very often.
    Love and Gratitude.

  43. In this page there is an animateg gif showing the Yaldabaoth Tentacle Removal Progress. Seems like we are removing tentacle #2 @9%. Would be interesting to know Cobra's opinion about these numbers.

  44. How about Trump is just a nationalist and doesnt know about Eastern Alliance and its goals etc? Should we all suck China because we are light workers?